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Khalil Ahmed was founded by two Pakistani friends, Umer and Jibran.

Pakistan has a longstanding tradition of making quality leather goods, with age-old traditional craftsmanship that is unmatched in the region. Unfortunately, no one ever hears about it – with the advent of outsourcing in manufacturing, Pakistan has become a synonym for cheap and mass-produced goods.

However, we know this is not entirely true.

Both of us have lived in the Middle East at different times in our lives, and have enjoyed the amazing and varied shopping experiences offered by some of the richest cities in the region.

Yet we’ve never come across a store, physical or online, that tried to bring leather goods made by traditional Pakistani artisans back into the region…

Which is exactly what we did.

Under the Khalil Ahmed brand, we are trying to bring high-quality leather goods made in Pakistan to the global market.

Our leather goods are handcrafted by some of the finest leather workers in the country, and each item is carefully inspected for any defect before it is placed on the market. As a small business entering an established market, we hope to differentiate ourselves with the high quality of our products, our attention to detail in all aspects of delivery to the customer, and the level of customer support we provide.

While this is primarily a business venture, we also had another goal in mind: to improve the perception of Pakistani-made goods in the region. Goods manufactured in Pakistan are not always regarded as high-quality. However, we know that’s not entirely true, having experienced the best of leather goods that Pakistan has to offer.

And we wholeheartedly feel the world should experience it as well.


Umer and Jibran

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