What Our Customers’ Feedback Tell Us About Our Leather Products

             Khalil-Ahmed has a vision of achieving high standards in terms of its leather products. Therefore, customers’ feedback and suggestions are essential in delivering leather bags, wallets, and sleeves as per our current and potential buyers’ expectations.

We use different mediums to communicate with consumers. One of our most effective approaches is collecting feedback through a phone call once the ‘ordered leather product’ is delivered to the purchaser. The feedback collection culture/policy is for Leather Quality Evaluation. Another benefit is that we become successful in the collection of ideas for future product designs.

Every company dreams of expanding its product portfolio to improve market share or attract new consumers. Khalil-Ahmed works in the same way; we gather suggestions and feedback, then our R&D team works with suppliers to ensure high-quality material, and finally, new products become part of our Leather Portfolio.

Future leather products need to fulfill two criteria from the company perspective: high industry attractiveness and competitive strength.

I think for this article, we have enough technical discussion. Now, it’s time to get to the main point; why our customers rate our leather products high in terms of durability? Sometimes it is not easy to convey how hard it is for companies to use premium leather material. Let us share a recent story. It may help you understand how much effort we invest in delivering products and even educating customers about two manufacturing processes known as ‘Crazy Horse Leather’ and ‘Pull-up Leather’.

A few months back, we delivered a bag from our ‘leather bags portfolio’ to customers, and then, as our internal policy encourages, our customer services team did a phone call to collect feedback. However, we were surprised to hear that the customer expressed concerns about the ‘leather shade’ and natural grain pattern. At first, our salesperson was confused and didn’t know what to say. In this kind of situation, our co-founders have clearly given us a policy statement: ‘Never ever question the customer concern and combine all of your knowledge and expertise to educate the current and potential buyer about the leather material quality and its impact on product design and durability.’ I think the policy says everything. So, our salesperson educated the customer about the manufacturing process like ‘Crazy Horse Leather’ and how it changes the leather’s natural patterns, design, and shine. Pure quality cow leather combined with the process provides high durability. The more you use the product, the more the leather looks good. International leather brands have mastered the art of using new manufacturing leather processes. In Pakistan, Khalil-Ahmed is among the few companies that prefer to adopt methods to use the natural leather look and improve its water and rough usability resistance.

Leather sustainability and durability are a great concern for consumers looking for ‘High-Quality Leather Products’ in Pakistan. Therefore, all stakeholders, the company’s management, leather suppliers, and consumers should work together to ensure that ‘Pakistan’s Leather Industry’ grow to its potential and deliver international standard leather products worldwide. Educating customers about the right ‘leather accessory’ is a challenging task. Therefore, we continuously train our sales team to transfer the best possible information to customers. In return, our capabilities improve to get the most relevant and authentic feedback. We also want to discuss feedback of our greatest asset- Millennial Customers’. As we all know, Millennials are tech-savvy; therefore, their shared experience about our ‘Tech Leather Accessories’ helps our R&D to come-up with relevant changes in the product designs. By ‘relevant changes,’ we mean; any kind of product design improvement that can help our millennial customers to carry their electronic gadgets more effectively and securely.

Finally, we would like to conclude that without customers’ feedback and innovative thinking of leather artisans, it would have been difficult to imagine what we have achieved till now. In any given market, brands continuously enter and move. However, a successful brand is the one that first meets the customers’ expectations and then implement specific initiatives to meet the repeatedly changing requirements. Currently, we are also working on different new products. However, we are just waiting for the right time to introduce relevant changes in our leather product portfolio.

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