What If Fashion and Necessity Combine? Let’s Become Dreamers

Fashion trends are important for manufacturers. Companies invest in R&D activities to ensure that new products are developed as per the industry trends and customers’ requirements. Khalil-Ahmed specializes in leather products in Pakistan; therefore, our approach also changes on a year-on-year basis. Pakistan’s market reflects that consumers follow specific fashion industry trends. The emergence of social media platforms in recent years has also contributed to creating new fashion trends. However, only a few of us are fortunate enough to have the resources and time to follow the new fashion trends. Our company recommends to our customers that instead of following specific industry trends, it is better to create your own one. We know it may not sound effortless, but it is worth trying. ‘Uniqueness’ in style is made once an individual decides to invest available resources to purchase suitable, durable, and stylish products. Our company is also trying to create its own signature brand with a unique leather quality in Pakistan’s traditional leather industry. Khalil-Ahmed focuses on new manufacturing methods like ‘Crazy-Horse Leather’ and Pull-up Leather. Our manufacturing methods are different because they help to achieve the ‘Purest Quality Leather’ for products. That’s why we know what efforts are required to create your own brand with unique characteristics rather than using the traditional leather material. We do it with optimistic thinking and passion for leather products. Our co-founder Umer suggests a simple philosophy: “Leather product differentiation is one of the most important sources for us to achieve sustainable competitive advantage.” Our company faces challenges, invests additional financial resources to maintain, improves customer services, and continuously educates our suppliers and Leather artists. Do you know why we make all these efforts? The answer is simple; we need to create our own exceptional and unique Leather Brand Identity. It is as simple as: ‘Higher the risk, higher the reward.’ Khalil-Ahmed leather product portfolio is one of its kind. In this article, we try to focus more on creating your style rather than discussing our leather products. Our company considers it our responsibility to educate consumers about making the relevant purchasing decisions. This contribution differentiates our company from the rest of competitors. It’s not always vital for a market-leading company like Khalil-Ahmed to generate profits. We focus a lot on educating customers about recent industry trends and what kind of approaches should be followed for making the right purchase decisions. As our co-founder, Jibran, says: “Educating customers about leather products should be prioritized to become a market leader in the competitive leather industry of Pakistan.” 8W’s Framework (Ask these questions before making a leather product purchase or creating your own signature style)
  • Why should I make personal style-centric changes?
  • What kind of budget is available to make purchases?
  • What kinds of companies are available in the current market of Pakistan?
  • Why investing in high-quality products is vital for personality improvement objectives?
  • Why ranking products in terms of durability and style is vital before making a purchase?
  • Why comparison between different companies’ offerings helps to select the right product?
  • When is the right time to buy products?
  • Why resisting against ‘accepted fashion trends’ is beneficial for long-term purchasing behavior?
We expect that our 8W’s framework will help the consumer make the relevant purchasing decision, either for improving the current style or creating your own trend. By utilizing this opportunity, we want to discuss the last point in the framework discussed above. ‘Resisting against the accepted fashion trends’ does not mean that we are against anything. It is just that we want our customers to purchase and use unique leather products rather than the traditional options. Khalil-Ahmed also resists the current business trends, such as; manufacturers are making a good profit through Artificial Leather Products, even though these products lack the durability and natural leather shine. We have taken the difficult path to provide premium-quality leather products to customers. Just analyze our leather bags. It would have cost us less if the quality is compromised; however, the company decides to follow its own leather philosophy rather than accepting traditional manufacturing methods. A good example would be Business Messenger Bag. This pure top-grain leather product is unique and reflects how premium-quality material can provide natural shine and a stylish look. Current industry trends or consumer behaviors reflect that people are investing in ‘Artificial Leather’ or Fabric Material Products. However, we suggest that please don’t follow these trends and instead invest in creating your style or trend, and for this purpose, leather products can be an excellent option to make a start.
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