Style Outlook Reflects Excellence in Personality Traits

Did you ever think about how much people spend on clothing? In the UK alone, consumer spending on clothes rose to £61.2 billion in 2019. We know that people prefer to spend on any apparel or associated accessories to look good. That’s a universal fact. However, global pandemic COVID-19 has created some serious challenges for companies in the fashion industry. The Global Fashion Index (MGFI) of McKinsey predicts that the fashion industry growth will decrease by 3% to 4% compared to prediction. Another McKinsey report suggests that industry growth may not be recoverable until 2022 and even 2023 in some regions worldwide. An article in 2014 suggests that spending on clothes and footwear in Pakistan has risen by 7.4% per year. Let’s not get too much into numbers, as it bore everyone. However, one thing is crystal clear: people are ready to spend on accessories that improve their personality and perception. Every brand has its own area of expertise. We at Khalil-Ahmed specializes in leather accessories to help individuals in meeting their day-to-day style requirements. Multinational companies have invested high financial resources in diversity and inclusion policies to develop high-quality products for customers. At Khalil-Ahmed, we have introduced a valuable organizational culture that respects and encourages creative ideas for manufacturing and introducing attractive and high-quality leather products in Pakistan. Khalil-Ahmed is on a journey to become a leading leather brand in Pakistan. The secret that defines our approach/ journey towards success lies in our strategy to achieve ‘Leather Quality Perfection’ in our internal business processes. Our motto: ‘We strive to meet the customers’ expectations by developing effective internal business processes and providing high-quality leather products in Pakistan at competitive market prices.’ Some of the factors to be considered before making a leather product purchase:
  • Budget availability
  • Brand loyalty (If there exists any)
  • Fashion trends; specific to local culture
  • Products designs compatible with outfits
  • Products prices; obviously
  • Leather sustainability
Now let’s talk about the significance of personal style. You can search thousands of reasons and benefits associated with improvement in personality traits. The most important, or we can say, the valid justification for investing in ‘Leather Accessories’ is that products become ‘Timeless’. It simply means that leather products lifespan is high compared to other products. You have also noticed that products with pure leather material are passed over generation by generation in some cases. Trends define the future of the fashion industry. Our collection of sunglasses covers and watchcases is among the great leather products that perfectly fit with any outfit. ‘The Maverick’ cover is a choice for buyers looking to protect their glasses from any kind of damage when not in use. Leather sunglasses covers are for consumers who invest to achieve a premium style.

Leather Bags for Professional Executives

Bags collection for company executives is more of a necessity than a style requirement. Professionals require a durable and stylish leather bag to carry the electronic gadgets and other documents to a meeting. One important thing is; the more you use a pure leather product, the more it shines. Khalil-Ahmed also considers its responsibility to educate customers about how to use leather products and what steps are necessary as part of the maintenance process. First of all, it is essential to inform you; we use pure cow leather for all of our products. It is recommended; the consumer should ensure that leather products get proper air. The leather shines best when its fibers are allowed to absorb air in an open space. Therefore, please make a leather purchase for making a change in the wardrobe; however, ensure that leather maintains its shine over time. It’s a simple technique, but it works like a perfect maintenance process. Trust us; leather is the easiest to maintain among other products.

Leather Wallets

The leather products come in different options. Our wallets are customized in different styles, textures, and colors. Company’s travel/long-wallet provide support to travel enthusiast. It is made up of high-quality grain leather to help you carry your passport, cash, bank cards, and tickets. Our travel wallets are manufactured using the highest quality material among different wallets, including authentic YKK zippers. - Finally, we like to say, invest in ‘Leather Products’ that improves your personal style and appearance on different occasions. In simple words: ‘Your style is a reflection of your personality; therefore, invest in the right product to improve it again and again over-time.’
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