Culture Defines the Brand: Khalil-Ahmed is a Perfect Example

Everyone strives to achieve their dream. However, one fact is clear that not many of us are fortunate enough to attain the imagined or projected objectives. Our company ‘Khalil-Ahmed’ is an excellent example of converting dreams into reality. Today, we will share a story of how a single idea or ambition converts into a successful small company that deals with Handcrafted Leather Products in Pakistan. The cultural diversity around the globe makes our beautiful planet earth an exceptional place to live. Individuals and companies with different cultural backgrounds can introduce innovative products that reflect their cultural values and principles. As famous author Stephen Covey once said: ‘Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.’ Khalil-Ahmed is in the early stage of business in the market; however, founders and higher management strive to achieve desired market share by delivering high-quality leather products with the best possible customer services. Pakistan has a long history of leather manufacturing, especially in urban cities. Our long tradition of leather manufacturing encourages our founders to develop a leather brand that competes at the domestic level with future potential to expand into international markets. With the right technology integration, our founders have decided to identify Pakistan’s leather industry’s true potential to develop a brand we all know as Khalil-Ahmed. Our brand has taken the responsibility to transfer the information about the leather products, industry capabilities, and leather craftsmen’s creativity to potential customers worldwide. We would be successful if our efforts, resources, and commitment help identify our traditional manufacturing processes, protect our cultural heritage, and increase employment opportunities for leather artisans in Pakistan’s urban cities. Company’s Leather Products Journey Our journey from the idea to developing a renowned brand in the market started with a simple concept. Khalil-Ahmed is not just a start-up; it is a medium to express our thoughts and ideas about the local leather manufacturing culture. Pakistan’s leather industry is different because of the unique characteristics and high-quality material produced in small cities. Despite this, our beloved country, Pakistan, has not attained reasonable status in the international market regarding leather products. Certain local brands are competing with international competitors, but the question still exists; What should be done to develop an international brand that is recognized and well-accepted among customers in Pakistan and foreign countries? Co-founders of Khalil-Ahmed, Jibran, and Umer had these thoughts years back and then took the initiative or, we can say, a leading role to develop a brand that reflects our true potential of the leather market and our cultural heritage of leather manufacturing. We should be proud of our roots and local industries. Our product designs are a reflection of our craftsmen skills and entrepreneurial culture. So, the formula is simple; any brand can be successful if it combines local traditions and new advancements to develop highly effective products. You must be wondering, what is Pakistan’s entrepreneurial culture? The answer is simple. Our culture consists of every activity and norm followed by start-ups and small-medium businesses to achieve the objectives within limited resources and local skills. Khalil-Ahmed has invested efforts to develop high-quality leather products that reflect the contributions of leather suppliers and manufacturers. Message from our co-founder Jibran: ‘Khalil-Ahmed Studio is committed to manufacture and provide state of the art leather products to potential customers in Pakistan by ensuring high-quality customer services.’ Message from our co-founder Umer: ‘Our company identifies and utilizes the leather market’s current potential in Pakistan to introduce handcrafted leather accessories. The customer-centric culture is one of our strongest assets because it helps develop attractive and finest quality leather bags, belts, laptop sleeves, wallets, and other products at affordable prices.’ At the company, we call our leather manufacturer the ‘Leather Artist.’ Our founders, Jibran and Umer, continuously communicate with ‘Leather Artists’ to come up with new ideas and concepts for the development of ‘Leather Accessories’ for our customers in Pakistan. Company’s internally followed principles and values:
  • Every effort and resource should be put together to develop attractive and high-quality leather accessories for customers.
  • Continuous R&D activities are necessary to recognize the true potential of the leather market in Pakistan.
  • Customer-centric culture prioritization is a compulsion to ensure that the product portfolio is as per the expectations and requirements of customers.
  • Leather products should be compatible with the international quality standards to ensure that our company grow and compete with competitors at the domestic and global level.
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