Quality is a Compulsion at Khalil-Ahmed, Not an Ordinary Business Process

Khalil-Ahmed adopts specific practices, policies, and procedures to ensure that customers receive high-quality leather products as per their expectations. In simple words, our founders have taken different initiatives and invested financial resources to ensure that the product portfolio consists of premium-leather bags, wallets, and sleeves. It is clear that leather is a sensitive material and special care is vital to increase its lifespan. Our product differentiation strategies are simple; adopt new leather manufacturing strategies, ensure international quality standards, provide useful customer experience, and involve stakeholders in developing new leather products to meet our continuously growing customer base requirements. Our quality prioritization initiatives are most important for becoming a market leader in the leather industry. Our basic quality practices:
  • Our company considers its primary responsibility to achieve the required leather quality in every aspect of the manufacturing process.
  • Suppliers are engaged to get the most durable and sustainable cow leather material.
  • The internal leather specialist team is given the additional charge to evaluate the quality of handcrafted leather products like bags, sleeves, and wallets before delivering to customers.
  • Once the product is delivered, our customer services team communicates with the customer through the phone to collect feedback about leather product quality.
  • Suppliers and employees are encouraged to present their innovative and creative ideas for improving leather products’ durability.

Crazy Horse Leather for Products Manufacturing

Our company in its early stage has decided to use best available material for products. Our internal policy suggests providing international standards ‘Leather Accessories’ to customers. The crazy horse leather manufacturing process has gained significance at the global level among manufacturers and leather designers. One of the most important benefits is that; the leather becomes strong and durable, and quality improves with time. We use 100% pure cow leather for manufacturing. Among different leather types, full-grain leather is considered the most substantial leather. ‘Crazy Horse Leather’ manufacturing enables the craftsmen to apply wax on the cow leather, which helps increase the leather fibers’ shine. Isn’t it exceptional? Durability and natural glow of leather using purest leather material help develop Premium-Quality leather product for our customers.

Pull-Up Leather

We also use pull-up leather to manufacture our products. It is a kind of aniline leather that is packed with different colors and waxes instead of artificial paints. The greatest advantage of pull-up leather products is that their subtle color changes with time and becomes more attractive and shining for others. In simple words, a leather type with additional oil and wax added in the manufacturing process helps make it a ‘Pull-Up’ type. This leather type is more water-resistant, gains strength, and increases softness and stretchability.

Leather Products Maintenance

Customers are given a free maintenance manual (Guidelines) for ordering our leather business bags and leather sleeves. Guidelines are applicable for maintaining all leather products as per requirements. Remember, the more you maintain the leather, the more it will shine.

Use of Italian Buckles in Leather Belts

Khalil-Ahmed’s collection of leather belts is one of its kind. As discussed earlier, we give priority to every single product in terms of quality. Therefore, the use of Italian Buckles in belts is also one of our efforts to meet customers’ expectations. Again, leather belts’ sustainability and highly durable material will serve your purpose well within the given price range.

‘Khalil-Ahmed Internal Quality Management Principles’ for Leather Products

  • ‘Customer-centric culture’ and ‘Quality-centric Culture’: Our company values the customer’s feedback and input for improving the quality of our Leather Accessories. Another aspect of our workplace culture is quality-centric approaches, such as; internal teams, available resources, and efforts are continuously invested in improving the business processes.
Our motto is: ‘Every business process is like a tool that makes employees more effective in terms of delivering high-quality leather products to customers in Pakistan.’
  • Visionary Leadership: Company’s founders completely understand the dynamics of the leather industry in Pakistan. Our R&D team is responsible for identifying the relevant industry trends at the domestic and international level and then introducing relevant changes in the leather product portfolio to ensure that high standard leather bags, laptop sleeves, and wallets are delivered as per the expectations of customers.
  • Effective Communication Between Relevant Stakeholders: Our employees are responsible for communicating with the relevant stakeholders like suppliers, manufacturers, and leather industry specialists and consultants to identify what is required and what should be done to achieve sustainable and durable leather material.
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