Our Organizational Culture is the Source of ‘Leather Innovation’

Business leaders around the globe implement specific initiatives to ensure an innovative workplace environment. A company’s culture reflects its true values and principles followed by employees and senior-level executives. These collective principles help develop creative products, ensure product differentiation, and, most importantly, brands become successful in attracting customers from different market segments. Khalil-Ahmed’s leather industry journey started to provide high-quality leather bags, wallets, belts, and sleeves to customers in Pakistan. However, in our early stage of business, we faced challenges in terms of innovative product designs. Our communication with ‘Leather Artists’ was not up to the expected level, and leather suppliers were also facing challenges in understanding and meeting our requirements. Overall, we can easily establish one thing that our company was experiencing difficulty to achieve its objectives. Our co-founders know that it’s challenging to meet customer expectations without ensuring innovation in the organization. Our ‘Leather Manufacturing Process’ is complex, such as; skilled craftsmen are essential to use ‘Crazy-Horse Leather’ and ‘Pull-up Leather’ for products. We can comprise on anything, except our ‘Premium-Quality’ leather material. Therefore, there was no other option available for us other than developing our internal framework of innovation to ensure that the company’s internal teams, craftsmen, customer service, and leather consultants work collectively to come up with new ideas for leather products. The customer is one of the most important stakeholders for our company. Therefore, we consider it as a primary responsibility to share our ‘Leather Innovation’ with customers. Our co-founders and other teams used to continuously conduct brainstorming sessions to identify, discuss, and evaluate leather bags concepts in the early stage of business. As you can see from our other articles, our priority is to focus on developing bags for millennial customers or tech-savvy’s. However, our leather bags are not just limited to millennials. Professional executives, students, self-employed people, or any individual willing to purchase a high-quality leather product can buy our exceptional products for carrying their electronic gadgets and relevant documents.

‘Leather Bags’ Innovation

The idea creation sessions helped identify that Pakistan’s leather industry lacks stylish leather bags for professional executives. However, you can search and identify a lot of local products available at low rates. Ask yourself a simple question. Do you really think that leather products are of premium quality? Do products are compatible with the requirements? By requirements, we mean; are leather bags sufficient enough to carry your stuff? All these questions were addressed in our ‘Leather Innovation Sessions’. We just not only addressed but also came-up with solutions in the form of products that are part of our ‘Leather Tech Accessories’. The ‘Karachi-Wala Leather Bag’ is one of our innovative products with an iconic tote bag style. The stylish leather exterior provides a formal business look to professionals. Again, our ‘Internal Leather Innovation Initiatives’ and ‘Internal Stakeholders Collaboration’ are the real reasons for the development of such a great product. Another addition to the portfolio was ‘Business Messenger Bag’. This top-grain leather product could not have been a success without the idea’s contribution of our internal stakeholders like employees and leather artisans. The R&D team in the product development phase recommended and emphasized that ‘Leather Bags’ should be compatible to carry at-least ‘15-Inch Laptop’, ‘Mobile Phone’ and Charger, and other relevant documents. As our company’s culture encourages, we accepted the concepts and ideas and ensured that our ‘Leather Bags’ portfolio became compatible with customers’ basic requirements. Let’s summarize our ‘Leather Innovation’ story in the form of bullet points. It may also help other stakeholders understand what efforts are compulsory to ensure ‘Premium-Quality’ handcrafted leather products.
  • Encourage the culture of ‘ideas sharing’ at every aspect of the organization
  • Involve internal and external stakeholders to achieve exceptional results
  • Ensure the R&D team gather the relevant information about market requirements
  • Value the customers’ feedback
  • Integrate the customers’ suggestions in product development stages
  • Recognize the contributions of skilled craftsmen/ ‘Leather Artists’
  • Develop policies to encourage teamwork and collaboration
  • Provide exceptional customers services
  • Ensure premium-quality material for products
  • Appoint visionary business leaders to achieve the company’s objectives
  • Define and clearly state your vision
  • Achieve and share your success story with stakeholders
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