Every Activity Becomes a Piece of Art; ‘If It Portrays Innovation and Creative Thinking’

Industries tend to evolve and adopt new trends and technologies with time. The leather industry in Pakistan is one prime example. As time passes, handcrafted leather products are also declining, and manufacturers are adopting technology-based manufacturing processes. Well, we cannot do anything. That’s the reality of life. Change is the only constant factor. Our company ‘Khalil-Ahmed’ is a bit different from other traditional leather manufacturers in Pakistan. We know that technology will change the leather industry’s future, but our commitment towards handcrafted leather bags, wallets, and sleeves exists. This commitment may have some disadvantages in terms of profit margins; however, it is also not important that every activity generates an inflow of cash. Sometimes, non-monetary returns in the form of preserving local leather manufacturing culture and generating additional employment for skilled craftsmen are more worthful. Our motto is simple: ‘Learn, Learn and Learn more about leather.’ We know that it may sound philosophical, but more knowledge about leather can provide us more opportunities to utilize Pakistan’s leather industry’s true potential. Our manufacturers/ craftsmen, or we can say our ‘Leather Artists’, can only deliver high-quality leather accessories for customers; if they invest time to gain relevant information about new leather manufacturing processes and strategies. Obviously, every initiative should help to preserve our culture; I mean our old leather manufacturing traditions. Even though, the sustainability of the leather industry does depend on acquiring new information. Therefore, there should be a mix of traditional and new leather business strategies to meet customers’ expectations and attain projected market share. At Khalil-Ahmed, we have developed a simple rule. ‘Invest to preserve the traditional form of leather manufacturing and at the same time, learn, implement and experiment new manufacturing approaches to compete at the domestic and global level.’ As Leonardo Da Vinci once said: ‘Learning Never Exhausts the Mind.’ Therefore, our internal teams fully cooperate to master the art of leather. Art is something we all get attracted to. A piece of art can be a source for expressing thoughts and feelings about anything in this world. However, an individual can outperform if it develops a capability to learn new things and then identify new ways and approaches to present them to people worldwide. The level of innovation and creativity depends on someone’s ability to gain new knowledge as per its capabilities. Our ‘Leather Artists’ understand what it takes to develop high-quality leather products by learning new techniques and practices. The material is the key to develop anything; however, the manufacturer is the artist who gathers the resources and then mixes it with their innovative thinking to deliver exceptional finished products to end customers. Our product designs involve creative thinking. Just check out our collection of leather bags. Each bag type has its own simplicity, and at the same, it reflects an art, or we can say a complete story about how the material is gathered and how our ‘Leather Artists’ has implemented its creative thinking to achieve exceptional products design out of available resources. Let’s discuss one of the most favorite products; the Babur Business Messenger Bag. From the reader’s/viewer perspective, it is just a simple leather bag with the capacity to carry some good things. However, from our viewpoint, the leather bag is something more than just a product. It reflects a complete journey of innovation and creativity with leather material. It is a great inspiration for consumers, designers, and artists looking to buy a great leather bag that perfectly fits their professional and fashion requirements. In the end, we want to discuss our sources of innovation and, most importantly, what inspires us to revolutionize or bring some positive change in the leather industry of Pakistan. The source of innovative ideas is; our inputs and suggestions from employees and customers. They are our biggest asset, and further, they inspire us to deliver high-quality and attractive leather products. Next, but important point. The unutilized potential of Pakistan’s leather industry has inspired us to take specific initiatives that could be an excellent opportunity for leather artisans and leather suppliers in Pakistan. Our priority is not to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in the leather industry by earning desired profits or revenues. We want to become a leading leather brand by: ‘Providing high-quality leather products to customers at affordable prices by using the best available leather material in Pakistan.’
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