Customization Options: A ‘GREAT’ Opportunity to Create a Strong Brand Image

Companies do follow specific practices and policies to develop unique brand equity. Improvement in brand image is an excellent indicator of a company’s effort to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Don’t mix terms like brand equity and goodwill because both are different. In simple words, brand equity is the company’s value supposed or perceived by consumers. On the other side, goodwill is the company’s reputation and credibility developed over its lifespan. Business management literature in the 20th century was mostly centric on introducing customer-related initiatives to achieve brand-equity-oriented objectives. However, things changed in the 21st century, and now analysts suggest that employees’ centric initiatives are as equal as any other project introduced for stakeholders. Khalil-Ahmed is a growing and relatively new brand with premium-quality leather products for consumers. In addition, we provide leather product customization options for organizations. In the present era, it is common for firms to follow the practice of giving customized products to their current customers and employees. Customization, in simple words, is; designing or modifying products and services as per the customers’ or employees’ requirements. ‘Leather products customization’ is an excellent way for brand messaging and awareness. Isn’t that great if the company puts its name on the products and then delivers it to the relevant stakeholders? We may sound a bit dramatic😊, but just imagine a current customer or employee receiving a leather product gift with a company name attached, and it will generate a sense of belonging. Khalil-Ahmed offers specific gift packs for our valuable customers. However, organizations behave differently than individuals. When organizations decide to present gifts to potential stakeholders, they all engrave their business name on leather products. We also offer leather wallets, bags, and iPad Sleeves. All these leather products will be customized according to your orders. Although, you first need to contact our company to enquire that the order volume is suitable to be accepted for manufacturing. To explain the concept further, let’s assume a hypothetical equation. (As it will help in better understanding the customization option benefits). Increase in brand equity or goodwill = Customers initiatives + Employees initiatives Both types of initiatives in the equation are possible through customized leather products. Another great factor is that Khalil-Ahmed Company uses premium-quality leather material for all of its products. Therefore, gift receivers can expect highly durable, precious, and stylish products. All companies invest in developing a connection with stakeholders, and giving gifts is one of the most effective ways. Some of the benefits of giving customized leather products are: For customers,
  • Rise in customers’ conversion rates
  • Improvement in the customer loyalty
  • Company’s messages reach out to a large audience
For employees,
  • Giving gifts to employees is a way of recognizing or rewarding their contributions
  • Customized leather products help to retain top talent
  • Employees motivation, confidence, and loyalty increases with time
Senior-level executives understand the significance of leather gifts, and especially it consists of professional business bags. Please check out our collection of premium-quality leather bags; we hope you will find the right design suitable as per your company requirements. Two remarkable pieces of creativity, ‘Business Messenger Bag- Babur’ and ‘Laptop Bag- Karachi Wala’ are the best choices for higher-level executives and premium customers. A company owner understands how important it can be for any company to communicate with relevant stakeholders. The message conveyed through gifts can be converted into an opportunity for more orders or more subscriptions of services for a company. It is really how word-of-mouth marketing works. Exceptional customer service and effective brand messaging result in higher brand equity and thus, it further improves profits and revenues. Digitalization is providing businesses new opportunities to reach customers. There are even employee-centric technology-based initiatives that are efficient and effective for achieving brand-image-related objectives. However, product presence still carries a substantial value for stakeholders. Suppose Company A decides to give a customized leather wallet or sunglasses to an employee. Now imagine how frequently the employee mentions ‘Company A’ to other coworkers or even to common people in different product usage situations. In return, it will help the company in marketing their offerings and increasing the employees’ loyalty at the same time.
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