Brand Ages and Grows with Customers: Khalil-Ahmed Understands the Market Dynamics

Companies have their legacy and history. Business leaders implement certain types of strategies to ensure that brand goodwill improves with time. In other words, the company's legacy can be an extension of its workplace culture.

Khalil-Ahmed doesn't just invest to earn profits. Monetary return on leather products is one way to get rewarded for our founder's leather industry contributions. The revival of Pakistan's leather industry is essential, not only for our economy but also for the overall growth and development of leather artisans.

No country can achieve success without recognizing the contributions of its local manufacturers. Khalil-Ahmed efforts for the betterment of the leather industry is one step. However, we all need to put our share to ensure that local leather brands achieve desired market shares, and thus, it becomes relatively easy to impact local leather manufacturers and suppliers' economic conditions positively.

Our main priorities are:

  • We are achieving improvement in customers' experiences by providing high-quality leather products. In return, our chances increase for becoming a leading and recognizable brand in Pakistan's competitive leather industry.
  • Khalil-Ahmed implements innovative initiatives for achieving a high standard of customers services. Again, these steps improve our company's goodwill and brand equity.
  • Our R&D team is continuously implementing new technology integration strategies to ensure that our products' information reaches more customers at domestic and global levels.
  • We deliver high-quality 'Leather Tech Accessories' to tech-savvy's in Pakistan to redefine our 'Brand Image' as per customers' expectations.

No company can deny the fact that monetary returns are essential for a brand's competitive advantage. Even though, in the digital era, customer satisfaction and reviews about a brand matter the most. Pakistan's leather industry is highly competitive in nature. Our founders realized this fact in the early stage of business and even implemented specific initiatives to ensure customer-centric culture.

This article highlights our journey through the initial stages of development and, most importantly, how we became successful in growing with time and developing an exceptional Leather Products Portfolio.

Leather is a tough business. Innovation, product differentiation, effective marketing strategies, high-quality leather material, and attractive product designs are vital strategies to attract customers from different market segments. 'Your personal style helps you to communicate what you really want to say.' The above single statement tells us everything why individuals want to purchase products.

Purchasing leather bags, wallets, and laptop sleeves is also one way to communicate your personal style. Analyze our business messenger bag. This piece of leather is fully capable of carrying a 15-inch laptop with all chargers and accessories.

In the early stage of leather bag manufacturing, our R&D find it difficult to develop an attractive product design. Efforts were allocated to ensure stylish and functional leather bags for executives, self-employed people, or anyone interested in purchasing. Moving forward, our company's internal teams have analyzed the market demand and considered its responsibility to come up with more professional leather bags. Therefore, another product is introduced; 'The Karachi Wala' leather bag. It carries a 15-inch Mac Book Pro or a laptop of similar dimensions. This leather bag is an addition to our portfolio and helped meet customer demand, especially tech-savvy ones.

'Leather Artisans' worked together for many months to ensure that premium quality material is used for 'leather bags' and useful additions are added in product design to meet customers' expectations interested in purchasing handcrafted products. Our journey began with the simple concept of providing premium-quality leather products to consumers in Pakistan. However, our co-founders, Jibran and Umer, realized that Pakistan's leather market and especially customers require a brand that delivers the leather products by keeping under consideration the factors like consumers fashion requirements, day-to-day professional necessities, and most importantly, it should help in improving their style or perception in front of others. Brand changes its business processes, product design, and services offered, with changes in customers' needs.

Customer expectations and requirements can also redefine the brand image. From the other point of view, just please look at our growing leather product portfolio, our products color scheming has changed rapidly, and most importantly, our products' designs have evolved.

Investment in personality improvement is a need to compete and grow in the current globalized world. Our company is also learning with time. The leather business is complicated and designing new products with pure material is another challenge. R&D teams understand the market dynamics and then make the relevant changes to meet the customers' requirements.

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