‘A Unique Perspective about High-Quality Leather Products’: Cost-Benefits Analysis

The consumer is just like an investor. What does an investor demand? The answer is simple; a good return on investment in the form of cash inflows. A consumer also demands a reasonable return on investment in the form of non-monetary returns like products’ durability and ability to meet the necessity. Khalil-Ahmed understands the significance of customer requirements. Even single good feedback on our delivered leather product defines our brand’s future in Pakistan’s competitive leather industry, which is also facing a changing paradigm shift in recent years. Technological advancements have encouraged leather manufacturers to invest in technology to improve their quality standards, and this, in return, increases the sustainability of ladies leather belts in Pakistan. Anyways, let’s move back to our discussion. Until now, one point is clear. Customers demand returns on their investments. Our leather product portfolio is one of the great choices for customers looking for sustainable products. The leather life cycle is an area of discussion for many centuries. ‘Crazy-Horse leather’ and ‘Pull-up leather’ are unique because both manufacturing processes help achieve the strongest and durable material for manufacturing. Now, it’s time to compare the ‘Leather-centric products’ with ‘any other material product’, and this comparison helps our reader understand how investment in our products is more worthful. Let’s discuss our excellent range of leather bags. For some customers, they may seem expensive. When you read the rest of the article, you will realize how less expensive our products are because of their high durability. Usually, the local leather bags are made-up of ‘Artificial Leather’ or some kind of fabric material. Manufacturers offer these bags at low prices. However, ‘Fake-Leather’ or fabric-based laptop bags are not sustainable; most importantly, all these products have less resistance to water and rough use. One thing is clear: ‘Leather doesn’t depreciate or losses its value over-time.’ Or we can say: ‘More the leather product ages, the more it shines.’ Or let’s summarize it: ‘Investment in the leather product is recoverable within a short period because of high durability and strong resistance to high useability.’ Affordability is a big factor in making any kind of purchase. Quality and style are two strong reasons that encourage a customer to invest more. However, there is another perspective to look at your investment in leather. Suppose you purchase a ‘Laptop Bag’ with even good quality artificial leather at Rs.4000. However, the bag may have a life of 1 to 2 years. This estimate is a bit on the plus side. In reality, ‘Artificial Leather Bags’ either lose their shine, or you can start observing patches on different areas of the product. On the other side, just look at our ‘The Karachi Wala’ leather bag. The product is currently offered at a price of Rs.11,000. The bag is fully capable of carrying a MacBook of 15 inches or a laptop of similar size. Your investment is fully secured because this laptop bag can serve the customers’ requirements if appropriately maintained as the required standards. We don’t make any claim. But we suggest that you do your research to identify how durable leather products are comparable to other low-quality material available in the market. The more you research, the more it becomes clear. Your invested money is your cost, and the benefits are:
  • Durable and sustainable leather product
  • Stylist way to carry your electronic gadgets and other things
  • High-quality top-grain leather bag is an exceptional choice to match with any outfit
  • Handcrafted premium quality leather products are unique and create a strong impression, where ever you take them, whether it is an official meeting or just a casual sitting
  • The price paid for the product is recoverable within 30% to 40% of products’ life because of the high-quality leather material used
There is a famous saying: ‘Customer is always right.’ Brands worldwide follow this principle even though there are high chances that customers are making the wrong decision. However, our internally followed policies encourage us to tell customers the truth, despite our recommendations not matching the popular sentiment. Therefore, the truth is: the current trend of buying ‘Artificial Leather Products’ is not suitable for customers because these low-quality products negatively impact your personal style. Another reason is; fake leather products have low durability, which negatively impacts your electronic gadgets like laptops and other accessories. Therefore, we recommend: ‘Conduct your own cost-benefit analysis to understand why investing in the premium quality handcrafted leather product is worthful.’
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